Welcome to MoralDNA!

Welcome to MoralDNA, your opportunity to find out how you prefer to make tough decisions about what’s right and wrong in your life and at work.

Before you begin the profile itself, we will ask you to tell us as much about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing. This is really important for the research we are doing for the benefit of humanity. In return you will receive your profile free-of-charge, as long as it’s for your personal use. If you’re an employer, please contact us here (needs hyperlink) and join others employing over 600,000 people world-wide to help you and your people learn how to understand and develop your purpose, values, decision-making and culture.

What to expect

MoralDNA takes about about 10 minutes to complete. Once you have completed it, your personal report will be automatically generated.

What we do with the data you provide us

All of the personal data we ask you to give us are optional. We only use the data for research purposes and once you have completed MoralDNA you can read some of our published research for free.

We will share anonymized data with selected research partners.

Your name and email (if given):

  • Will not be shared with third parties.
  • Will not be used in advertising or marketing.
  • Will be deleted after one year.
  • May be used to offer you the chance of retest.

You may read the full GDPR-compliant terms here.


Name Use your name or a nickname.
We will put it on the report.

E-mail address We will send you a link to resume the test or your personal report.
We may ask you once to do a re-test.

Secondary Nationality (optional)
Native language
Leadership status
Company size

The test results and report are for personal education purposes only. They are not designed to be relied on as a methodology for assessing the character of any individual and should not be used as such in any circumstances. MoralDNA™ is a trademark of Roger Steare Consulting Limited. Copyright © Roger Steare Consulting Limited 2008-2018

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